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Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club (SPGPC) is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting the Great Pyrenees dog breed. We welcome anyone with an interest in owning, breeding, showing, rescuing, or simply enjoying the wonderful Great Pyrenees dog. SPGPC is an affiliated member of the Great Pyrenees Club of America and is an independently licensed club member of the American Kennel Club.

Interested in becoming a SPGPC member? Our Membership Application can be completed and submitted online. If you’re an existing SPGPC member who wants to renew your membership, click here.

SPGPC is a great way to get to know others who share a love of these “gentle giants.” The Club hosts and participates in a variety of fun and rewarding activities throughout the year. Check out our updated list of upcoming events.

Links about our club can be found here: History of the Club  | Affiliations | Mission statement, Purpose and Officer & Directors

Club President’s Welcome Letter

WELCOME to the Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club! We hope that you will find your membership rewarding in raising, training, showing, and just enjoying your Great Pyrenees.

Our breed club is to be chartered by the American Kennel Club and is affiliated with the Great Pyrenees Club of America. Many of our members are also members of the Great Pyrenees Club of America as well as other Clubs, which you may also wish to consider joining at some point in the future.

Our membership includes many Pyrenees owners of all ages and backgrounds–pet owners, livestock guardian owners, conformation, obedience, carting and agility exhibitors and enthusiasts, breeders, and others who have maintained an interest in the breed over many years. Several members have a great deal of expertise in the history and development of our noble breed. At one time, we were all beginners with our first Pyrenees. Our club is here to help with information and assistance, when such needs arise.

In order to make your club membership more meaningful, I strongly encourage you to make every effort to involve yourself and your Pyrenees in club activities. Our intentions include the interests of all our members and we are always open to new ideas. We plan regular activities such as family fun days, Holiday parties, group social events, workshops in obedience and conformation training, workshops in carting and agility training, and fun matches. We have a host of committees that welcome membership participation. Lists of our committees are printed on the front cover of our monthly Club Bulletin. Each talent that you can share with the club will only make the club stronger.

We have a minimum of one general membership meeting a year. Our board meetings are usually monthly. Notice of these meetings with dates and times are listed in the Club Bulletin in advance of the meetings. Also, if you would like a copy of our Constitution and By-Laws & Code of Ethics for your review before you join, simply request a copy and one will be mailed to you.

The Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club is your club. The breed, the Club and you can greatly benefit from your active participation. Again, WELCOME, and we’re certainly looking forward to having you with us!

Pamela E. Tobin, President

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