Adoption Application

This questionnaire is prepared for your benefit. As a prospective owner, this “Home Evaluation” helps us to determine just the right dog to suit your lifestyle. And, for the Great Pyrenees dog, it helps to minimize any further trauma to the dog.

If you would prefer to mail the application - click here - ADOPTION APPLICATION PDF

Please Answer All Questions

Have you ever owned a Great Pyrenees before? *
Do you live alone or with a family? *
If married, do you both work?
Home *
Does your lease allow pets?
Do you have a 6 ft. fenced yard? *
Is the dog to be fenced in or let loose? *
Can Children open the gates? *
Are you willing to make the improvements?
If you have a pool, is it fenced?
If you have a dog run is it secure?
Have you checked the yard for dangerous articles, plants, or anything the dog could use to climb the fence?
Are you aware of any distractions outside your yard that could plague the dog? (Such as neighbor’s dogs, loose dogs on the street, mischievous children)
Can strangers gain access to your yard from the streets? *
Any allergies to pets? *
If you don’t have a pet now, have you had a pet before?
If you have other dogs, would you consider them aggressive or submissive? (check all that apply)
If you have birds, rabbits, sheep, etc. are you prepared to spend the time necessary to accustom them and the dog to each other?

This may be a process of several months, in the case of an older dog.

Can you isolate the dog from the other animals if they can not get along?
Are you willing to take the time with the acquisition of this breed of dog, read and learn all of the facts of temperament, socialization, proper handling and understand the time required to bring out the full potential of the breed? *
Have you discussed with your family the pros and cons of owning a Pyrenees?
Have you asked yourself whether your lifestyle is so busy that you might not have the time or energy to properly care for a Pyrenees? *
If you have children, are you willing to accept the additional responsibility of a Pyrenees?
Have you taught your children the proper way to treat a living animal?
Are you willing to accept that the dog may not like all your children’s friends and may need to be kept apart from some of them?
Does everyone in your family want a dog?
Do you realize that a Pyr lives for 10-12 yrs and are you committed to care for it that long? *

While a Pyr enjoys a daily walk, and if properly conditioned, can go hiking with you, they are definitely NOT joggers.

Have you and your family carefully considered how the dog would fit into your lifestyle? *
If you expect to get a young dog, do you understand that early socialization is the key to developing a well-balanced adult Pyrenees? *
do you realize that socialization means taking your dog into crowded areas outside of your home and having strangers pet the dog? *
That this period starts about four (4) months of age? *
Are you willing to spend this kind of time? *
Are you likely to enroll your dog in obedience training? *
Are you willing to attend obedience classes to train the dog? *
Are you interested in showing your Pyrenees? *
Are you thinking of breeding your Pyrenees? *
Do you plan to spay or neuter your Pyrenees? *
Would you consider the opposite sex? *
Would you be interested in an older dog? *
Would you be interested in a rescued dog? *
Would you be interested in a young adult/older puppy? *
Are you agreeable to returning the dog, should something unforeseen circumstances arise wherein you would no longer be able to keep the dog? *
Would you be willing to allow us to visit your home? *

Thank you for your cooperation. This comprehensive questionnaire helps us to try and place the right dog with the right family. An improper placement or one in which all the details aren’t known can end tragically, usually for the dog. Again thank you.

Please return this form to: James E. Tobin, Adoption Coordinator & Pamela E. Tobin, President/Rescue Chair 8700 Golden Spur Drive Email: Granite Bay, CA 95746 Kennel Line (916) 791-7580 Jim’s Cellphone (916) 275-0868 Pam’s Cellphone (916) 275-0875

Please provide 3 References: (i.e. one from your Veterinarian, one from someone you’ve gotten a dog from before and a personal reference)

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