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The Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club (SPGPC) is an affiliated member of the Great Pyrenees Club of America and we are an independently licensed club member of the American Kennel Club.

SPGPC is located in the Greater Sacramento area. The club was born out of enthusiasm for the Great Pyrenees breed and has been sustained by a dedicated group of dog owners since October 1996.

There is something for everyone in the Club. Our Members include obedience and conformation exhibitors, pet owners, people, and their dogs who do therapy-dog volunteer work, people who enjoy the social activities the Club has to offer, and volunteers who support the efforts of our club with dogs that come into our rescue program.

Our Mission

We, the owners and breeders of the Great Pyrenees unite together to form Sierra Great Pyrenees Club as one family equal and unified in purpose and conviction dedicated to do nothing out of selfish ambition, but always to preserve, protect, promote, and edify the breed of the Great Pyrenees and the people who love them.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the club is to advocate for the Great Pyrenees dog and the people who own them.

Our support and dedication included in our membership offers responsible dog ownership through training, offering shows, and activities directed towards the care, love and devotion to this wonderful breed.

Upcoming Events 2024

Big Day of Giving

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Help us Save Lives on the BIG DAY OF GIVING – SUPPORT Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club, Inc. Rescue. See More>>

Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club Regional Specialties

With 6 Regional Specialties and 4 All-breed shows, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase the talents and beauty of your furry friends. The West Coast is particularly known for its outdoor dog shows, which often take advantage of the beautiful weather easy access, and plenty of fun activities to enjoy. It’s sure to be a fantastic experience.

See our EVENTS Calendar for more details!

Thank you all. Brianne Chambers (the girl in the wheelchair 100% disabled due to injuries in Army.. how many years ago now? Eight?) adopted Lili, an underfed Pyr with puppies and a ton of those horribly hooked grasses in all of them. Lili and Bri were soul mates. Lili got Bri out of her wheelchair and gave her the confidence to rebuild her life with the wonderful man who she married several years later. They now have a three year old and live up in Washington State. After years together, Lili became very arthritic and in great pain. She was euthanized last Friday. We all mourn her, but cherish the memories of her life of service. Todd and I adopted a companion, Bogey, several weeks after Lili arrived. He’s aging, but still goes on 2+ mile walks with me and bosses around our cats. Survived two ACL injuries and is a happy, pampered boy. Our family very much appreciates what both dogs have meant to us. Thank you to all!

Heather Chambers, Yuba City, CA

Thank you for all you do:) my husband and I adopted from your rescue and can’t imagine our lives without our Rocky.

Marci Souders

God bless you and those sweet, innocent dogs. We celebrate Leo every day!

Lizzie Tootell

All I can say is wow! You guys do amazing work and I’m proud to support this organization!

Laura Fulda

Thank you for all you do — Pearl’s transformation and adoption, and your beautiful job raising.

Laurie O’Connell

Our Happy Great Pyrenees